From Jimmy Swaggart to Jim Baker to Eddie Long, we fill the pew every Sunday morning attentively listening to their sermon that could be anything from Genesis to Revelation. Dressed in their suits standing on the plat form its like seeing God before us, believing in everything they preached. They preached the words of God telling us to live a righteous and sinless life and how walking in the path of God is the only way to live. But are they practicing what they preach? When they mention the name God, shout out words of encouragement in their high pitched voice, run around on the stage, jump for joy religiously, thirst of sweat cover their face, we the worshipers jump and clapped, even stand waving our hands because we feel sanctified. But what are these preachers doing behind close doors can only be justified by the same God they praised each day.

Many preachers forget about the spiritual law once they step down from the platform. It seems like they no longer believe that they are Christians. There is an old saying, “You can hide from me, but you can’t hide from God.” I seriously feels that with all the sinful things these Preachers and Pastors have committed, they need to be preaching the nine commandment instead of ten.

Pastors are involved in sexual conduct with boys, drugs, gay transform, sexual orientation, adultery, robbing the congregation, male prostitution, false healing claims and all the devils doing. Makes you wonder if this is the works of the devil or man have no control of himself.

Today its difficult to find a decent church to attend. We as Christians have a better chance of staying at home reading our bibles and interacting with our God in privacy.

For the past decade numerous Preachers have fallen by the wayside. Pastor Haggard of Colorado was caught eluding male prostitution, Eddie Long was accused of enticing young boys into consensual sexual relationship in exchange for money, travel and goods. Juanita Bynum and Thomas Weeks III filed for divorce after she was badly  beaten by him. “What about What God has put together, Let no man put us Yonder.” Just to mention a few.

The biggest scandal of all times were in the ’80s with Jimmy Swaggart prostitution swing and Jim Bakker false healing. Can we believe any preacher  who say they are born again Christians following the word and living a religious and righteous life or is the media to quick to justified their wrong doing bringing it into the public eyes.

Theology is the study of religion and when you decide to go into religion you should know that moral accountability plays a huge part in being a pastor. Always remember that numerous supporters are following you and believing in every word you preach and you don’t just preach for yourself but for a whole congregation.


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